Shell Fuels
When your Father said, "Always Use Quality Gasoline", he was referring to Shell.

The Quality of Fuel Makes a Difference

When Shell's nitrogen-enriched gasoline runs through your engine, it passes over and comes into contact with the system's valves. The nitrogen-enriched molecules chemically react with carbon deposits that have collected on the valves. These nitrogen-enriched molecules then clean the valves and permit maximum gasoline and air compression within the cylinder.

     Shell's nitrogen-enriched gasoline cleans better than before and protects better against engine buildup. All three grades of gasoline contain the nitrogen-enriched detergents, with its V-Power premium grade containing five times the government-mandated amount. The results are fewer intake deposits, cleaner combustion chambers, and less fuel injector fouling and intake valve sticking. Shell's Gasoline meets and exceeds TOP TIER Gasoline detergent standards, which is a voluntary standard that several major automakers including Audi, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen created in order to improve the quality of gasoline.

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